What is the ACTS Core Team?

The ACTS Core Team is a governing body of 6 women and 6 men. The greater good of the Holy Cross ACTS mission is foremost in the activities and decisions of the Core Team.

Core Team meets once a month.

How are members of Core Team selected?

Members of the Core Team are practicing Catholics who are committed to the building of the ACTS community and to the ACTS Core as a ministry. These members must have been a retreatant on an ACTS retreat, served on an retreat ACTS team, and displayed leadership abilities.

Core team prayerfully chooses, from a list of eligible people, who will be asked to serve. To be an eligible member the person’s spouse may not be on the present Core team. It is the intent to maintain a balance of gender and experience levels on the Core.

How long does a Core team member serve?

The standard term is three years.


Sonya Allgood

Mark Bertrand

Communications Coordinator
Gretchen Boudreaux

Financial Coordinator
Troy Scimemi

Supply Coordinators
Melanie Wiley
Troy Dupuis

Retreat Support Coordinators
Kim Manuel

Lindsey Fisher

Spiritual Coordinators
Sheila Robson

Jerry Guzzino

Social Coordinator
Mariette Hebert

Music Coordinator

Mitch Landry